420sextime - How To Make Me Cum Instructional Video


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Hello! In this video I teach you how to make me orgasm. I tell you exactly what I like and then I show you. I explain that my absolute favourite way to cum is with his cock deep inside me, slowly fucking me while I use my vibrator to bring myself to cum on his dick. I also explain that I'll usually start by sucking his dick and using my vibrator to get me in the mood and that I love when he cums deep inside me. This video is instructional, informative, educational, and very specific to just me (not every woman likes the same thing.) I talk about how I like it when he plays with my tits and puts his hand around my throat, and that I like to use a lot of lube. This video is honest and shows how we usually have sex off camera (also shows why we have sooo many missionary creampie videos haha, I just love that position and cumshot!) Includes: POV blowjob and sex, instructions on how to make me orgasm, lot's of eyerolling, creampie/ cum in pussy, big dick, vibrator, female orgasm, hands around throat, titty groping, casual and candid realness.
Amateur, Creampie, Instructional, Orgasms, Vibrator