A Taboo Fantasy - Home Alone 3


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EVER WONDER WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IN THE SUBURBS.... THESE TWO YOUNG SIBLINGS ARE LEFT HOME ALONE WHEN MOM AND DAD GO ON VACATION JOSH'S COCK ENDS UP INSIDE CARLY'S CUNT....LIKE A MAGNET TO STEEL!!! IT WAS A BAD IDEA TO LEAVE THESE TWO HORMONE INFUSED YOUNGSTERS HOME ALONE!!! Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in the Suburbs? Watch this and find out!!! In this quiet Suburban neighborhood....Mom and Dad decide to go on Vacation for 2 weeks....and leave Brother Sister duo Carly & Josh Home Alone. This, as it turns out.....was NOT a good idea by Mom and Dad! Their Parents aren't even gone a few hours before these two young Siblings begin to bicker back and forth with each other over the TV remote. When Carly catches Josh looking at the front of her sweater.....she accuses him of "checking her out". Josh denies the claim...and taunts her.....saying that he would never check her out...because her boobs "probably suck". Eager to prove him wrong....Carly lifts up her sweater and shows Josh what her boobs actually look like....and they are absolutely amazing!!! Josh can't control himself after seeing Carly's Tits....and virtually attacks her!!! Carly is at such a horny age.....she embraces any chance to access a boy's cock....Brother or not.....and she starts to suck on her Brother's boner!! After she sucks him, Carly slowly undoes her jeans and says "I want you to lick me!!". These two youngsters are full of raging hormones....and they proceed to fuck and fuck....and fuck!!! Josh eventually cums all over Carly's face....and with her Brother's sperm dripping down her chin she says "Wanna fuck tomorrow too?"
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