A Taboo Fantasy - Lust Potion #9

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WHEN KASSONDRA ACCIDENTALLY DOWNS THE POWERFUL APHRODISIAC LUST POTION #9... SHE TURNS INTO A SEX-CRAZED ZOMBIE!!! SHE ATTACKS HER DADDY'S COCK AND SUCKS AND FUCKS LIKE A GIRL POSSESSED!!!! Kassondra happened to be wrong place wrong time!!! Her Dad, frustrated, by her Mom's lack of sexual appetite, has obtained the most powerful aphrodisiac on the Planet....Lust Potion # 9!!!!!!! In anticipation of his headache prone Wife coming home....Kassondra's Dad mixes up the lethal Potion.....and carelessly leaves it on the kitchen counter, as he goes to his bedroom. Kassondra arrives home early, and sees the "strange concoction"....and decides she will down it!! Within a few minutes, the young freckled redhead is hit HARD by the Potion!!! Kassondra turns immediately into a Zombie!!! A Sex Driven Possessed Zombie!! She literally attacks her Dad....saying "I need cock....I want cock....must have cock now!!!" Before Dad can stop her, Kassondra has his pants undone and his cock inside her mouth. Kassondra lustfully devours her Dad's cock and causes it to throb. The Sex-Crazed Zombie then demands that he Pound her....and Pound her hard!!! Dad Fucks his little Redhead Baby Girl until he fills her tight cunt up with a big load. Still unsatisfied....Kassondra says "more cock....I want MORE cock!!!". Bewildered Dad says to himself...."Uh-Oh....this stuff is really potent. Maybe next time I better try Lust Potion # 6"
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