A Taboo Fantasy - Terrorized By Mom & Sister


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MOM AND SISTER HUMILIATE DANTE BEYOND BELIEF!!! THEY TICKLE HIM...SHOVE THEIR FEET IN HIS FACE... THEN LITTLE SISTER FUCKS HIM...AND DUMPS HIS CUM ALL OVER HIS FACE!!! THEN LITTLE SISTER SPITS IN HIS CUM-COVERED FACE!!! I guess the lesson to be learned is.....never crash.....without locking your door....if you have a Bratty Little Sister!! Young Dante finds out the hard way!! Dante lies down for a nap, and crashes. Younger Sister, Mallory is bored....so she decides to have some fun by Tormenting her older Brother. Mallory sneaks into his room and ties him up. Once he is secured....Mallory wakes him up....and begins to Taunt him. Mallory starts by shoving her little feet in her Brother's face....even shoving her feet in his mouth!! Dante screams at his Sister to leave him alone. Mallory then begins to Tickle her Brother!!! Dante flails hopelessly and screams and begs for mercy as his little Sister Tickles him!! Mallory just laughs at her Brother's suffering. Dante calls and calls for Mom to rescue him. Finally....Mom comes into his room....but to Dante's Horror....Mom doesn't rescue him....instead....she joins in!!! Now, Mom is shoving her feet in his mouth....and Tickle him!!! ...he flails aimlessly....begging for them to stop....Mallory notices that he has an erection!!! "Mom look!!! he has a boner!!!.....can I get on top of him and Fuck him???!!!" Mallory says to her Mom. Mom tells Mallory that she can do it....but only if she uses a condom!!! Bored, horny little Sister Mallory begins to put a condom on her Brother's cock...and begins to bounce up and down on his cock!!! Dante yells at his Sister to get off of him....but Mom tells him to Shut-Up....while she shoves her feet in his face...and continues to Tickle him, while his Sister Fucks him!! Mom tells Dante that the only way the ordeal will end is....if he cums for his Sister!! Mallory laughs, as she rides her Brother like a Cowgirl....bouncing on his cock...while she squeals with delight!! Dante begins to scream at his Sister..."Get Off me you little Brat....I'm gonna cum!!!". Dante cums inside his Sister...and to his Horror....Mallory takes the condom off....and pours Dante's cum allover his face!!! Mom and Sister both laugh at Dante...with his face covered in cum. Mallory, however is not quite done yet...she begins to Spit in her Brother's face repeatedly!!! Mom and Sister point and laugh at him. His face is a messy mixture of his own cum...and his Sister's Spit
Taboo, Tickling, Foot Humiliation, Fucking, Blonde

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