A Taboo Fantasy - Truth or Dare TV

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A REAL LIFE BROTHER AND SISTER AGREE TO HAVE SEX....LIVE ON A REALITY TV SHOW!! TO EARN $100,000.00 TO SAVE THEIR FAMILY HOME!!! HOST CIARA BLUE IS STUNNED AND SHOCKED WHEN THEY GO THROUGH WITH IT!! DON'T MISS THE LIVE TV EVENT OF ALL TIME!!! Don't miss the Live TV Event of all time!!! Truth or Dare TV found a real life Brother and Sister who were willing to have sexual intercourse Live on their show.....for $100,000.00!! The host of the Reality TV Show Truth Or Dare, Ciara Blue arrives at the home of Justin and Ashlynn Taylor to broadcast the stunning and shocking event. Their Parents are out of town....and as they are interviewed by the Host....Just & Ashlynn explain that their Parents have been struggling to pay bills, and the house is in foreclosure, so that is why they decided to perform the "unusual" feat on Live TV. After the interview is over...Ciara checks their ID's to verify that the truly are biological Brother and Sister....and then the action begins!! The two exchange an awkward kiss to start.....but Ashlynn finds it too "weird" to kiss her Brother on the lips...so she asks if they can just "do the sex part and get it over with". Ciara agrees that they can continue without having to kiss....and the two Siblings strip out of their clothes. They argue and bicker back and forth about who should receive oral first.....but Baby Sister Aswhlynn wins the argument by spreading her legs and saying "I have the Pussy...I make the rules....LICK ME!!". Big Brother Justin reluctantly begins to lick his little Sister's cunt. It actually begins to feel good to Ashlynn...and she purrs as he laps away at her private parts. Ashlynn then returns the favour by sucking on her big Brother's cock...and then it's time for the Main Event!!! With Ciara watching closely....in stunned disbelief.....Justin's penis enters Ashlynn's vagina....Ciara throws her arms in the air and begins to cheer!!! It's now official.....a Brother and Sister are Fucking on Live TV!!! Justin Pounds away at his Baby Sister until he unloads a massive load onto her Tits. Don't miss the TV Event of all time
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