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Amanda's Mom has found a hidden pack of cigarettes in her room...and Mom is NOT happy!! Amanda has been warned several times about not smoking...and her Parents have vowed to punish her severely if she is caught again. Mom tells Amanda..."Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home"...and Amanda knows what's coming. Mom makes Amanda strip out of her clothes as they wait for Dad to get home....and when Dad arrives home from work, and sees Amanda naked on the sofa...he knows something is up. Mom tells Dad about Amanda smoking again....and Dad knows what to do......he begins to take off his pants...and with Mom holing Amanda's head still...dad shoves his cock into Amanda's mouth!! "You want to put poison in your mouth....there you go!!" Mom says. Amanda is in tears and cries constantly as her Parents MAKE her suck her Daddy's cock. Next, Amanda is bent over the sofa...and Mom holds her as Dad Pounds her young pussy from behind, as Amanda screams "STOP....you're hurting me!!!" . Dad continues the punishment and Mom tells Amanda to be quiet and accept her punishment. dad Fucks her tight, young cunt...and then pulls out, and covers Amanda's face with his hot load. Full of tears...and her face full of her daddy's cum....Amanda promises her Parents that she will never smoke again!! she has learned her lesson.
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