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Little Sister Seduction What does it look like I'm doing? I'm working out. Stop. Go do something else... Farrah, go back your room and stop bothering me, I mean it... Why are you acting so weird? Stop laughing, I'm your big brother, you have to listen to me... I don't care that Dad's going to be gone all day. Why are you touching me like that? You're my little sister, this isn't funny.... Little Sister Desire Shhh.... Mom and Dad are asl*ep. Don't worry they won't wake up. We'll be quiet... Just relax... Kiss me. I know you want to touch me. It's just us, we can do whatever you want.... Little Sister Blackmail Listen... I've figured out what I want to do with those pictures. I'm not going to show Mom or Dad. Yes, I'm going to delete them... If you do what I say. You know I don't like you, I think you're a bitch... But you're really fucking hot. You need to do the stuff in those pictures with me. Did I fucking ask? You're going to do what I say or everyone will know what a little slut you are... I don't give a fuck if your boyfriend finds out, just get naked.... Starring Serenity Haze
brunette, cumshots, petite, pov sex, taboo