alexsisfaye - Step-Daddy is Seduced


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mom and you have been married for about six months, and you have always gotten along. You have started noticing looks that I am giving you. You’ve seen my eyes move down to your crotch. I can tell why Mommy is so happy. I want what mommy gets. I have seen the way your eyes watch me when I am working out. There is something about a beautiful, young woman with large breasts that drives you wild. I know that this is going to be easy. I am finishing my workout when you walk in. I am wearing my usual workout clothes, a crop top (that exposes my stomach) and a pair of tight shorts. I start talking to me very friendly, asking about your day. While i am listening, I absently pick up a bottle of oil and start rubbing a thin coat over my body. I mention that you trailed off. I know my trap is set. I confront you about staring at me. I’ve noticed you getting hard over me. I remove my top, and I am adding oil to my breasts making my skin shine. I reach over and pull your cock (large caucasian dildo) out. I am stunned, it’s bigger than I thought. I start sucking the head . Between the workout and what’s happening i am already ready to fuck you. I push you down, i want to ride you. You don’t argue. I work this big cock inside my tight pussy. I tell you of watching you fuck mom and wanting it to be me. I keep increasing my speed up and down your rod. I am getting close. I want you to cum deep inside me. I’ve been on birth control for years. I want to feel you spray inside me. I feel you start to cum, and that sets off my own orgasm. I tell you that now you have to fuck me and mommy. Your dreams are coming true.
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