Alyssa Reece - Dr Reeces Last Nerve Special Effects


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Dr. Reece just got home from the lab, she had a horrible day. Her colleagues are getting on her last nerve and she has to spend all her energy trying to not get angry while she's at work. If she let herself get angry then something horrible could happen.She could transform in front of everyone and then her life would be over. They would lock her up and run experiments for the rest of her life. As she sits down on the couch and takes her high heels off she begins to describe her troubles at the lab.At home is the only place she can let herself feel anything. All of a sudden she feels her cheeks get flush and her body starts to burn up. Oh no! It's starting again! She's transforming and there's no way to stop HER. The She Hulk is starting to take over Dr. Reece's entire body. She rips her top from her body violently and tears her skirt and pantyhose into shreds. Her panties also rip to expose her wet pussy. The She Hulk reaches down for her pussy and her fingers frantically start to work her clit expertly. She NEEDS to cum. She feels more powerful, more alive, more horny than EVER. Each time she transforms she gets stronger and stronger.. In this clip Dr. Reece's body turns green and her voice deepens as she transforms
Clothes Destruction / Burning, Growth Fetish, Masturbation, Transformation Fantasies, Transformation Fetish