Ariel Anderssen - A Humiliating Spanking Episode


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This is ridiculous! I'm a respectable vicar's wife, chair of the women's institute, and aspiring politician, but I'm being marched in front of the manageress of the department store where I was shopping, accused of shoplifting! Nonsense! You can see from my clothes (patent leather court shoes, classic tan nylons, tight tailored pencil skirt and silk blouse) that I'm no pauper - I don't need to steal lingerie! Miss Page and I face off across the desk - I absolutely deny any wrongdoing - she insists her staff are honest and competent. Eventually, she plays her trump card - this department store has CCTV! Finally defeated, I have no choice - submit to Miss Page's suggestion of punishment, or allow myself to be handed in to the police! Naturally, I choose the former. Which is how I find myself bent over Miss Page's desk, with my silk panties, garter belt and nylons on display, being spanked for shoplifting. I cannot bear the shame of it!
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garter & stockings, panty fetish, spanking, spanking f/f, vintage stocking

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