Ariel Anderssen - Boxing Champion Orders You To Orgasm


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FUCK! I'm so pissed off! The guy I beat in the ring last time has been too COWARDLY to turn up for a rematch with me. BASTARD! You're meant to be doing a post-match interview but there's been no match! BASTARD! I'm so angry I can't help banging my boxing gloves together, full of adrenaline and aggression that I can't get rid of now! Calming down a little, I decide to let you interview me anyway. But I'm in a bad mood, and the only thing that helps seems to be teasing you about your obvious obsession with me. You adore me, don't you, in my high heels, my high-cut shiny black leotard, and my huge, powerful boxing gloves. I bet you masturbate over your fantasies of me, don't you? Well, perhaps you'd like to do that now? I want to see you come! But good heavens, IS THAT YOUR DICK??? It's TINY! I'm going to call you 'Babydick' from now on, but I certainly want to see you ejaculate all over my gloves now - I want to know how much sperm a babydick like that can produce! This video represents me at my cruelest, most arrogant, and most aggressive. If you're ready to be taunted, dominated and teased by me in this wicked frame of mind, this video is definitely for you
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female boxing, joi, leotard fetish, small dicks, tall women

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