Ariel Anderssen - Bride Arrested & Made To Strip


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It's my wedding day, and the last thing I expected was to be seized by police officers who've had reports of an escort dressed as a bride in order to ply her trade in an expensive hotel! However much I protest that it's my *actual wedding day* the officers don't believe me. I'm brought into a hallway of the hotel, already handcuffed with my wrists behind my back, even though I keep trying to explain that I'm not dangerous! Eventually, they uncuff me, only for me to discover they've done so in order to make it possible for them to STRIP SEARCH ME!!! This is a disaster! I'm very modest, and have never undressed in front of anyone in broad daylight before! Reluctantly I remove my dress, to be accused again of being an escort because of my sexy underwear. For heaven's sake, it's my WEDDING DAY!!! Of course I'm wearing sexy white hold up stockings! Insisting that I remove my underwear too, the horrible officer then insists I perform a humiliating series of positions to prove that I'm not hiding anything upon my person. And then, just when I think it must be over and that they'll let me go, I'm informed that I'll be taken away in a police van for further questioning! My ankles are shackled and hands cuffed behind me again, and I'm left to wait in the hall, still wearing nothing but sheer white stockings and high heels. When ANYONE could walk through and see me like this! The horror!
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