Ariel Anderssen - Controlled, Restrained, Interrogated


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This movie is Part 2 of a 2 Part series, The Guild of Assassins. The full video will be available within a week of publishing the first part. I'm a proud member of the guild, but have been falsely accused of betraying the organisation! They've sent an enforcer over to interrogate me, and I know its my job to obey him without question; I belong to the organisation and they can do whatever they want! I've been ordered to put on a rubber catsuit, which is able to control me via voice activated software.This way, the enforcer can ensure that i don't interfere with his investigation. I'm fascinated and i ask for a demonstration - suddenly I'm walking around the room without being able to stop myself! It's fun until he also switches off my voice, followed by my sight. This is actually really scary! He needs to keep me restrained for some time, and because he's worried about the psychological impact of keeping me controlled by the suit longterm, he decides that I should be restrained another way (though still in the suit in case he wishes to control me further). I soon find myself tied up tightly with speaker wire in my latex catsuit, and again, he takes away my ability to see. I describe my feelings and sensations as I lie, helpless and tied up, on my own living room floor!
Size: 1.45 GB
blindfolds, bondage, high heels, latex, struggling

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