Ariel Anderssen - Deep Heat JOI Torments


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Please note, this movie contains three scenes in different costume. I will also release the scenes separately for anyone who only wants part of the story. The paragraphs below relate to the three separate scenes. Dressed in black sheer seamed stockings, high heels, short pencil skirt and smart blouse, I can't wait to begin playing our JOI games. Obviously I can't make it too easy for you though, so not only will I be controlling whether or not you're allowed to cum, but I'll also be making you use Deep Heat as lubricant! I order you to cover your cock in Deep Heat, as I unbutton my blouse, revealing sexy black cupless bra. I hitch up my skirt, showing you that I'm wearing no panties either! The Deep Heat starts to burn, and I direct you to masturbate, changing my mind frequently about how fast I want you to do it. I enjoy watching your conflicting feelings of pleasure/pain and I wonder aloud whether I'm going to let you cum. Well, what do YOU think? Having told you not to touch your cock while I get changed, I'm back, wearing my sheer black seamed stockings and cupless bra matched no panties. This time, I'm wearing a sequined min-dress over the top, which hides absolutely nothing. Are you ready to play more Deep Heat JOI games? Cos I am! I'll be terribly disappointed if you choose your mildest Deep Heat - don't you want to impress me and turn me on by being brave? And is the pain gonna make it harder or easier to cum? I suppose it depends how much you like pain! I can't help playing with myself as I watch you jerk off; it's so sexy, being in control! Will I let you cum this time? Well, maybe, if you can orgasm as I count to 10. But will I count at a reasonable speed? Let's find out! Since you've been so good and obedient, when I come back in another short dress, I decide to strip out of it, to give you an unimpeded view of my seamed black stockings, cupless bra and fancy suspender belt. That should surely help you orgasm. If I LET you, that is. But this time, it's up to the throw of a dice, just for extra excitement. Of course, the first thing I need you to do is to lube up with the strongest Deep Heat you can bear. I couldn't possibly let that detail slip! You must be getting sooooo sore now, but that just makes me more excited. Actually, just cos YOU might not get to cum, doesn't mean I shouldn't. I can play with my pussy right in front of you, like this, and give myself an orgasm if I want. Doesn't that just drive you even more crazy? Now, about this dice...
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