Ariel Anderssen - Foot Flirt Job Interview


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I'm desperate for this job! So much so that I've had to hurry all the way across town on foot to get here in time! But right away as soon as I enter the room I can see that you're interested in my feet, and I immediately begin to try using this to my advantage. First I slip off my loafers and put my feet up on the couch so that you can get a clear view of my bare feet. Then, when you ask me about my swimming experience (it's a lifeguard job) I make the excuse to get out of my skirt and sweater too, so you can see I'm wearing a shiny one-piece under my clothes. But concerned that even this might not seal the deal in terms of getting the job, I decide to also take off the swimsuit and pose shamelessly for you, nude and barefoot, displaying my highly arched feet and wrinkled soles for you!
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barefoot, erotic nude, highly arched feet, pointed toes, wrinkled soles

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