Ariel Anderssen - Headgirl's Swimsuit Tease


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You've been perving in on the girls' swim team practices, and now you're in big trouble with the headgirl! Dressed in my school uniform, I inform you that the general punishment of caning is probably not sufficient for you, since you're such a pervert you might enjoy it! So you'll be locked in this tiny chastity device for a week instead. But, since I guessed your interest in the swim team is somehow related to our gorgeous tight, shiny Realise swimsuits, I have a proposal for you. If you consent to let me keep the keys to your chastity for 2 weeks instead of 1, I'll show you that under my uniform, I'm wearing the very swimsuit you lust after! And, if you're prepared to go 4 whole weeks, I'll take my skirt off too and show you the whole, glorious, shiny outfit! What will you choose?
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chastity devices, key holding & chastity, school uniform, sfw, striptease, swimwear

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