Ariel Anderssen - Hogtied BJ Practice to Seduce You


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I know there are other subs around, putting out their viral videos and flirting with dominant men like you. But I'm sure I can excite you more than any of them, cos I guarantee that I'm more submissive! Look how I've dressed in sheer seamless Wolford pantyhose for you, and a sheer white Wolford leotard too. I know you love the look of all that tight nylon, and I love the feeling of it, because I love pleasing you! And obviously you'd like to see me tied up, so I'll hogtie myself, before showing you all my blowjob skills. I *really* want to suck your cock, you see, and I don't mind how much I gag on it when I take it down my throat - I love drooling and gagging around a big thick cock, especially YOUR cock! Let me show you how much I love it. Shall I switch to the extra huge dildo? It's a bit of a struggle to get it into my mouth from my tied up position but I'll show you how motivated I am! Don't you want me to do this for you in real life? Cos I'm gagging for it!
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deepthroat, dildo sucking, leotard fetish, self bondage, swallowing / drooling

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