Ariel Anderssen - Hogtied For You


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Dressed in shiny black opaque hose, short, tight leopard print dress, and no shoes, I've been tightly hogtied for no reason except your pleasure. I'm 100% onboard with this; I'm a submissive and I love to be used as a sex object. I want you to enjoy watching me degrade myself for you as you masturbate. I can't even join in, I'm completely stuck, lying here on my belly, tightly tied in the most demeaning of all bondage positions, the hogtie. I repeatedly encourage you to use me as a visual aid to your masturabation session, that's what I'm for! And in case you start to find my talking distracting, I'm gagged with a big yellow ballgag for the last 10 minutes of gentle struggling, displaying myself for you.
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ballgagged, bondage, gag, rope bondage, tights fetish

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