Ariel Anderssen - Hosiery, Hood, & Tape Gag


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Dressed in nothing but my sheer tan pantyhose, I flirt with you, knowing that you're enjoying watching me rubbing my pantyhose-clad feed together and displaying them for you. However, that's not all you enjoy, as I know very well. I know you like to see me gagged and helpless, so I intend to put on a show for you right now! First, I take thin black electrical tape and wrap it around and around my crossed ankles, before also wrapping the arches of my feet with the same tape, to ensure that my feet have to remain crossed. Then, I take an extra pair of tights, and pull them over my head, but not before I stick a pair of my panties into my mouth to act as mouth-packing. This makes it harder for me to speak, but I'm not done yet! Taking up the electrical tape again, I close my mouth with effort around the mouth-packing, and then wrap the tape around and around my head until my mouth is completely covered. This makes it impossible for me to be understood, so I'm well on the way to feeling completely helpless. But, since I really want you to enjoy this, I don't stop there. I take white microfoam tape and wrap it over the top of the other tape, until the black is completely covered! I'm getting warm in here and I start pleading with you to let me take it off again, but you're not ready to release me yet. First. you want to enjoy seeing my bound feet and hooded, gagged face for a little while longer!
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gag talk, mask fetish, pantyhose, tape bondage, tights fetish

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