Ariel Anderssen - In Bed With Ariel


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Do you like me new nightdress? It's silk, and it feels amazing! And it's very tight on my boobs, isn't it? Clingy. It makes them look massive. Since the silk feels amazing, I feel like you should try touching me through the silken fabric too. Mmm, that feels extra good. Since we're basically in bed already, we probably have time to fuck, don't you think? This intimate POV sex video is shot in closeups, with no fake cock, especially for those of you who don't like silicone in your porn. It's just romantic, affectionate virtual sex in mutliple postiions with simultanious orgasms, occasional very naughty close ups, and lots of (awfully classy, obviously) dirty talk...
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orgasms, pov sex, romantic, silk & satin, virtual sex

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