Ariel Anderssen - JOI at the Celebacy Clinic


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Dressed in velvet knee-length pencil skirt, cardigan and shiny black high heels, I ask you how I can help. You’ve been at the clinic for 12 days, and have so far, managed to avoid having any orgasms (which is what you’re here for - you need to learn self-control!). But things are getting, hmmm, harder and harder for you, and you plead with me to let you have an orgasm! Taking pity on you, I tell you that you can certainly start masturbating, since it’s interesting for me to see just how frustrated you are, so that I can gauge how well my therapy is working. But, though I let you get right to the edge of coming, in the end, I cruelly deny you. I can’t undo all our hard work! And I want you to realise that indulging yourself to the point of orgasm and then *not* being allowed to come, is SO much worse than not playing with yourself in the first place. So you’ll know not to come pleading with me for orgasms again.
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edging games, eye glasses, female domination, joi, ruined orgasms

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