Ariel Anderssen - Leather-Gloved Hit Woman


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I've tracked you down, just as you feared. Despite my glamorous appearence, high heels and long blonde hair, I'm actually a highly sadistic hit woman. Bad luck for you. But I'm enjoying toying with you a little, deciding on your fate. Shall I just shoot you quickly, and get it over with, or shall I tease you a bit first? As I slip on my tight black leather gloves, ready to get down to business, I notice that you appear to be rather aroused by them! This gives me such a sadistic thrill, that I find myself urging you on. Can you climax, when your life is under such imminent threat? If so, then I guess you really, really must love leather gloves. You're MINE
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female domination, glove fetish, high heels, leather fetish, tall women

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