Ariel Anderssen - Letting My Hair Down & Begging For Cock


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I've been feeling rather over-excited and, umm, overSTIMULATED all the way through dinner. Do you know why? You think it's cos I was going without panties? Think again, I was definitely wearing panties, look! My lovely pink ones in fact. The secret is what's UNDER the panties. Because I decided to wear the jewelled clit clamp you bought me, and consequently, all evening it has been throbbing deliciously, making me desperately wet and ready for sex! Removing my panties, I open my legs and show you the gorgeous intimate jewellery, before taking my hair down from the formal style it's been in this evening. I slip my formal gown off too, and discover with delight that your cock is hard and ready for me. I can't help but take it in my mouth and suck on it for a while - it just turns me on so much that I couldn't bear to miss out on that, however ready I am to be fucked. And then I lower myself onto your gorgeous cock, taking it deeper and deeper until it's buried to the hilt in my tight, hot pussy. I want to make sure you get a really close look at how deep your cock has gone, before I spin around so my back's to you, and lower myself down onto you again, from behind. This feels soooo amazing that I'm sure I'm going to cum immediately; I grab my vibrator while I'm still facing away from you, giving you a view of my bare feet, stretched pussy and ass, as I ride your cock. Begging for you to cum inside me makes me cum too! What a lovely naughty end to such a respectable evening!
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