Ariel Anderssen - Made To Strip and Shave By a Stranger


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I'm innocently enjoying an afternoon at home, when I'm confronted by a stranger who appears to have broken into my house! He says that I've signed a contract to allow myself to be sold into sex-slavery. I assure him I've done no such thing, but when he orders me to strip completely naked, I'm too scared not to comply. Removing my cashmere cardigan, modest knee length pencil skirt and high heels is bad enough, but he insists that I must remove my underwear too. And once I've finally, reluctantly, taken off my panties, he tells me that it's not appropriate for a sex slave to have pubic hair! I try to explain that I've not prepared for being a slave because I didn't know anything about it, and certainly didn't sign a consent form. But my protests are useless, and when he throws me a razor and a bottle of oil, I find myself obeying him. Trimming my pubic hair first, and then rubbing oil between my legs and slowly using the razor to remove every last bit of modesty remaining to me, is a hideously humiliating ordeal. But there's a surprise in store when I'm finally finished...
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embarrassed naked female, imposed stripping, pussy shaving, shaved

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