Ariel Anderssen - Made To Strip By Headmaster


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My black patent leather high heeled shoes have caught the headmaster's attention, so you've called me to your study to discuss my non-regulation footwear. I assume you're going to confiscate them, so imagine my surprise when you tell me that in fact, you're going to confiscate all my other clothing - leaving me to spend the rest of the school day dressed in nothing but my high heeled shoes and knee-high white socks. This is intolerable! I've never undressed in front of a teacher before, let alone the headmaster! But I don't know what else to do, and I'm soon slowly taking off my shirt and tie, followed by my white lace bra, then my panties, and finally my kilted skirt. This is SO EMBARRASSING! But my ordeal's not over. You order me to put my hands on my head and turn around for you, and I soon realising that you're taking advantage of the situation by *masturbating!*. OMG! How shameful! I can't believe you're making me stand there with no clothes on while you stroke your cock!
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embarrassed naked female, imposed stripping, school girl, school uniform, socks

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