Ariel Anderssen - My Favourite Things 5 - Pet Play


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This is part of my series about my own sexual tastes, but each is a complete video by itself. In this episode, I examine the things I love about pet play. The way it can be a lighthearted, fun side of BDSM. The humiliation element, the training, how it can feel relaxing to have so few responsibilities. And most of all, the feeling of giving unquestioning obedience to my master. That's the heart of why I love it, so after the brief introduction, we start role-playing a scenario in which you've just chosen me as your new pet girl. Nude except for my bunny ears and butt plug bunny tail, I kneel in front of you as you instruct me in what you want to see from me. What you want first is for me to show you not only how willing I am to be fucked, and to suck your cock, but how much effort I'm prepared to put into pleasing you, and how exactly I can follow your instructions. Since you have no intentions of putting this to the test yourself until you're sure I'm a good choice of pet for you, you instruct me to fuck myself with a wall-mounted rainbow dildo. I'm unused to the intense sensations of double penetration with the dildo and butt plug tail, and at first I'm shy too. You insist on long, slow strokes so that you can see the dildo disappear inside me over and over again, and I struggle to obey you, on hands and knees. Then you want to assess how willing and able I am with blowjobs. Another rainbow dildo is mounted on the tiled floor, and you order me to lick and suck it, before demanding that I fuck one dildo while sucking the other simultaneously, to give you the best demonstration possible of my abilities. This is quite overwhelming for your new pet, but rather than allowing me to orgasm, you finally order me to kneel alone on the floor for half an hour, with the dildos deep inside me, to test my obedience and discipline a little further. What a strict new master! And what a very excited, frustrated new pet.
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