Ariel Anderssen - My Favourite Things 7 - Electro-Play


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I've been a bit nervous about shooting most of the movies in this series, but this is the first that's genuinely scared me. Cos much as I love to fantasise about being subjected to electric shocks, I've not actually got a whole lot of experience in this field. And I wasn't sure if I'd be capable of doing it to myself - it's so 'all or nothing'. There's no way of doing it gently, the way you can with spanking, because not all devices are adjustable. I'd assembled a Violet Wand, a shock-collar, and two e-Stim machines with butt plug and vaginal probe. That felt like a pretty comprehensive collection, and useful for the fantasy I'd thought of, which I decided to roleplay with you, onscreen. In my fantasy, I've been captured and brought to a terrible, cruel institution where you work as a doctor. I've been brought in to your examination room so that you can start the job of 'reprogramming' me to follow your directions. First, you place an electric shock collar around my neck, and give me a demonstration of how hideously painful it is if you use the remote to activate it. Then, you take the Violet Wand and instruct me to kneel on the floor and stay still as you run it over my body, testing my responses. The shocks burn, and make me scream a few times, but I stay mostly still, afraid that you'll use the shock collar again if I don't obey you. When you tell me to go and kneel on the padded bench, I want to do as you say, but hesitate, and you shock me again. Once on the bench, your 'treatment' continues, this time with a process you've designed not just to be painful and humiliating, but highly confusing for the subject. First, you make me keep still so that you can insert an electric butt plug that you can control remotely. You turn it on, and it immediately starts shocking me, delivering a complicated range of stimulation, that not only hurt, but also mimic the sensations of anal penetration, so that I feel as though you're fucking my ass. Completely unused to such sensations, I beg for you to stop, and even reach back as though to try to remove the plug, but another shock from the collar convinces me to stay still and obey you. Then, you tell me to kneel up, and show me the next implement you plan to use. It's much bigger than the butt plug, a long, straight probe with metallic strips up each side to conduct the electricity. It's plugged into its own power supply, but the main thing I feel is shame, as you insert it into my pussy. I'm very innocent and have never experienced anything like this before! You turn both machines on, so that I'm getting shocked in my pussy and ass both at once. And the sensations start to overwhelm me, because I realise that not only do they hurt, but they're arousing too. This, of course, is cause for even more shame - I hope you can't tell that it's turning me on! Of course you can tell; you're a very clever and wicked doctor who's highly experienced in turning his captives' responses against them! Changing ta...
butt plug, dildos, electric play, obedience, slave training

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