Ariel Anderssen - My Favourite Things - Butt Plugs


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In this series, I'm demonstrating some of my favourite activities, many of which I've not filmed before. And because I am myself and can't help it, I also feel compelled to explain to you exactly why I like each of the things I've chosen. Today, I'm talking about butt plugs, but because I was impatient, I'm actually already wearing one when the video starts. I'm a bit too shy to show you at first, so I spend some time explaining why I love the physical feeling, as well as how butt plugs make me feel psychologically, as part of a BDSM scene. When I decided to shoot this, I ordered this one especially, because I wanted it to be nice and visible. I chose a cute bright pink butt plug bunny tail. And now that I'm feeling more comfortable, I want to show it off to you, and demonstrate exactly how submissive and naughty it makes me feel. It wasn't what I actually planned to do in this video, but it feels so good that I feel as though it's only right to have at least one orgasm, if you'll let me? Sinking rather more deeply into a submissive state than I was expecting, I reach for my vibrator and start playing with it. I can't help telling you how it feels, especially since now I'm in my very favourite position, too. I'm so sub-spacey I end up asking you before I orgasm; it just feels right, in the moment...
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