Ariel Anderssen - Naked, Embarrassed & in the Garden


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I'm finishing my punishment essay in horrible Mrs Brown's kitchen, dressed only in my school socks, huge awful white panties and vest. Suddenly,I hear voices in the room next door - Mrs Brown is entertaining guests! I recognise my school teacher's voice as well as that of the local vicar. Oh, the shame! When they mention making tea, I'm too ashamed to be seen in my underwear, so I run and hide in the garden, only to overhear their conversation from indoors. I'm scared of being seen by a passer-by, so I stay crouched down by the wall. But the horrid boys from next door creep up on me, put a bag over my head, and tie me up in the garden as part of one of their stupid games! Even more afraid of being found in such a compromising position, I beg them to release me. But they won't; they pull my panties down and lift my vest up, completing my humiliation! At least, that's what I think, until they take my panties off altogether and stuff them into my mouth like a gag! Eventually, they run off, but it's only because they've heard Mrs Brown's on her way out into the garden. And it's like this that I'm discovered. Oh dear! What will the vicar think of me? NB; this video is quite unusual - all the characters are played by me, with only the schoolgirl actually appearing, and everyone else as audio only. It's a second sequel to 2 existing videos - Punished With Spanking and Big Panties, and Writing My Punishment Essay in Underwear. Also, the sound's quite weird cos of having multiple voice recordings playing at once xx
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bondage, embarrassed naked female, embarrassment, outdoors, panty fetish

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