Ariel Anderssen - Naughty Penitent Nun


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After a long day of ministering to the poor, I'm relaxing in my room, and reading a rather thrilling book. It's all about lesbians! I'm carried away, enjoying the story, and I really don't mean to but the next thing I know, I'm face down on my bed, with my habit pulled up around my waist, and I'm pleasuring myself through my modest white panties! This, of course, is the sin of lust, so when Father Sam discovers me doing something so dreadful, he's absolutely right to rebuke me and tell me I must make amends! Fortunately, the book I was reading has given me some ideas about how to be penitent. I've been reading about an act that would do just the job! Naturally, I offer Father Sam the option of having me apologise with my mouth, upon his actual person! I feel as though I need to get undressed for maximum efficiency, so I strip off my habit and undergarments, only leaving my white knickers on. Hmmm, it seems a very effective method. As I take Father Sam's large cock into my mouth and begin sucking (extremely penitently, obviously) I start to feel better almost immediately, and I can tell that he does too. After several minutes of this very effective penance, another idea occurs to me too, to enhance the effect! I lower my panties to below my bottom, and back onto his rigid cock, riding him in this position until a MOST UNEXPECTED event happens! Satisfied that I've made amends, I clean Father Sam's cock with my mouth and bid him farewell. I hope Father Sam will ALWAYS deal with my misdemeanors from now on! I feel so cleansed!
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