Ariel Anderssen - Rubber Bands & Self Bastinado


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Note; the extended version of this movie has already been released, and features a 5 minute tease in ballet slippers. I've made this version for people who're only interested in the barefoot element of the story! xx Eventually, I decide that it's time to slip off my ballet shoes, and reveal my bare feet with their high arches and wrinkled soles. They could do with some moisturising, so I slather them in lotion, spreading my toes, and pointing my feet to make sure I get the lotion everywhere. Now, what would you like to do with my feet? Don't pretend you don't know - I know EXACTLY what you're thinking! You want to stretch elastic bands over them and snap them against my feet, don't you? Like this! I slip a tight elastic band over each foot, and experiment with pulling them far back and snapping them onto my sensitive soles. But of course, that'd just be the warmup, wouldn't it? What you really want to do is to whip my bare feet with a riding crop, repeatedly, fast and hard! I think I might like that! Let me give it a try and find out!
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barefoot, bastinado, foot torture, pointed toes, wrinkled soles

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