Ariel Anderssen - Stockinged Nun Snatched


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I'm calling door to door, soliciting donations for a charity.  I do hope that this photographer will be generous! I'm a little surprised when he agrees to donate in return for my posing my feet and legs for him, but as it happens, I'm a fan of seamed vintage stockings, and I'm wearing some today. So, I pull my nun's habit up a little and cross and uncross my legs. Then, at his direction, I dangle first one shoe, then the other, off my feet, before slipping both shoes off and pointing my toes elegantly for the camera. It's all rather strange and embarrassing, but quite exciting too, and I'm sure he'll give us a big donation - I just hope the abbess doesn't hear about it! He goes out to get the money but creeps back in again...the next thing I know, I'm bound hand and foot, still in my high heels, seamed stockings and habit! I struggle uselessly for several minutes and then he's back with a mouth stuffing gag, and a tight white over-the-mouth gag too! Apparently, pictures of a nun tied up will sell even better than the foot shots!  He leaves me again, and this time I'm determined to escape. One high heel falls off, and it's a little easier to roll across the floor towards the door, this way. I get there, and try to open the door with my stockinged foot. The handle won't turn! Perhaps if I kick the other shoe off too, I'll be able to turn the handle with both feet? It's impossible! I kick and kick at the door in my stockinged feet, willing someone to come and save me...
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bondage, foot fetish, gag, garter & stockings, struggling

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