Ariel Anderssen - Stress Position, Clamps and Tongue Gag


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This was such an exciting challenge! My customer wanted to see if I could hold this stress position for 20 continuous minutes, with no breaks, while wearing a bamboo tongue gag and my most painful nipple clamps. So I set a timer, put the camera on a tripod so I could shoot one rolling take, and got into the position he'd requested. I'd been told to keep eye contact with the camera the entire time. Three minutes in, it started to hurt. Seven minutes in, I realised I probably wouldn't make it to 20, as my calf muscles started to cramp up. Twelve minutes in I almost overbalanced because the pain was making it hard to concentrate. Did I make it? And how did it all feel? Watch and find out - I describe the whole experience at the end of the video!
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gag, nipple clamps, obedience, slave training, submissive task

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