Ariel Anderssen - Submissive Shoeless Auntie 1


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Note; this is part of a 5 part series, with similar activity in each episode, and an assortment of sheer tights, sheer stockings, and bare feet. Each episode stands alone, but I've numbered the scenes too so that you know where they fit in the story. The customer who commissioned this series is called Steve, so I use his name a couple of times in each scene (though I mostly call you Sweetie, or Darling). So if your name's Steve, I hope you enjoy the bonus! PART 1 It's been wonderful having you, my darling nephew, stay at my house over the summer, but I'd love you to stay on when college starts again so I decide to sit you down and discuss the possibility. Is there anything I can do to persuade you to stay, sweetie? You surprise me immensely by telling me that you *do* have a plan. First you tell me to collect together all my pairs of panties and to give them to you, which I do. Except for the pair I'm wearing. Goodness, do you want them too? How naughty! Then you explain that you want me to take off my dress so that I'm fully naked. From now on you want me to be your submissive sex toy, and to come to you naked every morning for instructions as to how to dress! I'm delighted we've found a solution that'll allow you to happily stay at my house, so the very next day I come downstairs in the nude, and you tell me to put on sheer tan pantyhose and a red cashmere rollneck sweater. Once I'm dressed like this, you tell me to do my morning stretches (which I do, facing away from you so that you can get a great view of my butt, legs and pussy as I stretch in my sheer hose). It feels delightfully naughty, and you tell me to stand still and show you each of my feet so that you an enjoy how the soles look through the sheer nylon. Then, you tell me to pull up a coffee table and sit with my feet facing you, so you can enjoy the soles even more. You order me to finally take off the hose, and repeat the position for 5 more minutes. Being your sex toy certainly takes commitment, but I love following your new rules!
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barefoot, foot fetish, pantyhose, taboo, tights fetish

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