Ariel Anderssen - Submissive Shoeless Auntie 4


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PART 4 Note; this is part of a 5 part series, with similar activity in each episode, and an assortment of sheer tights, sheer stockings, and bare feet. Each episode stands alone, but I've numbered the scenes too so that you know where they fit in the story. The customer who commissioned this series is called Steve, so I use his name a couple of times in each scene (though I mostly call you Sweetie, or Darling). So if your name's Steve, I hope you enjoy the bonus! I love following your daily instructions; it's such fun having my hot nephew stay in my house. And I love it that you appreciate my nylon clad feet so much too! Today., you've ordered me to come to the kitchen wearing nothing but a yellow rollneck cashmere sweater, and when I arrive you tell me to put on a black garter belt and sheer black stockings to make it into the naughtiest outfit. You tell me to do my normal morning stretches, which I do, facing away from you so that you can get a great view of my butt, legs and pussy as I stretch in my sheer stockings. You also tell me to walk slowly for you so that you can enjoy the view. And then, much to my surprise and delight, you tell me to sit up on the dining table with my legs apart and my feet stretched right out in front of me so that you can sit and concentrate on looking at my high arched, long toed, feet. You love my feet, and I love it that you love them. Finally, you have me roll over and lie on my front with my legs still apart so that you can see my feet dangling over the edge of the table. What naughty thoughts are my bare feet giving you?!
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foot fetish, garter & stockings, submissive sluts, sweater fetish, taboo

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