Ariel Anderssen - Superheroine Turned To Gang's Sex Slave


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I'm going undercover to infiltrate a criminal gang, and I'll be posing as a cosplay strippergram! Fortunately my Starpower Girl uniform looks perfect for this, and while stripping naked in front of professional bad guys feels a little risky, I leave my briefing confident that I'll succeed at earning their trust and getting vital information for taking them down. Arriving at the criminal's lair, I discover a group of men in suits already assembled for the evening's entertainment. I turn my music on and strip sexily out of my costume, until I'm eventually totally nude except for my leather platform boots. That's when they tell me they've prepared a sexy latex outfit for me to put on to entertain them. I'm surprised but happy to go along with what they want - as long as they're pleased with me they're more likely to relax and give up information. So I lube up my body and slip on the sheer gold latex leotard and matching gold latex stockings, before rubbing silicone liquid all over myself to make the latex really shine. I feel gorgeous! But as well as a normal sexy dance, the leader of the gang now says that what he really wants is a sex slave performance, and that they've prepared equipment for exactly this. First, a collar with the words CUM SLUT emblazoned upon it. Also, a huge steel locking butt plug he wants me to insert, before letting him lock it into position. Next, TWO vibrating eggs to be buried inside my pussy, making me feel uncomfortably full and aroused. And finally, the most humiliating item of all - a face hugger gag/nosehook set, which distorts my face, pulling my nose up into a shape like a pig snout, and holding my mouth wide open so that I look exactly like the sex toy they want. Wearing all these items, I'm told to repeat a statement about how I want to be their willing cum slut, and entertain them with my slave positions and flexibility. I demonstrate how I can bend and stretch in different poses, and how each of them would be useful for fucking me. Then the chief tells me to do 20 squats, first facing them and then facing away, so they can enjoy the sight of the steel butt plug buried in my ass, and the vibrating eggs filling my pussy uncomfortably as I move, counting each repetition out aloud through the embarrassing gag. The sensations are too much, and I collapse to my knees, begging to be released. But I'm ordered to gag myself with a ballgag that fits over the face hugger, before being informed that they have no plans to release me. They know I was sent in to infiltrate them, and they intend to keep me as the sex slave I now look exactly like! What a disaster!
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bdsm, butt plug, latex, slave training, superheroines

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