Ariel Anderssen - Tricked Into Embarrassing Outfit


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Oooh how exciting, I've got a custom video request. I have to give him a JOI video with demonstration on a dildo, AND he's going to send me a pretty outfit to wear! All I have to do is agree not to look at the outfit beforehand, and to wear every item but nothing else. No problem! I love being bought new sexy underwear! On the day I've scheduled for filming, I start my camera and open the gift wrapping. The first thing I find is a pair of goalkeepers' gloves. They must be there by mistake! Ahh, this looks more promising - a sexy, shiny green item - WHAT? A PAIR OF FOOTBALL SHORTS? Is this a joke? It's no joke - next I find a massive football jersey (doesn't even match the shorts!), awful thick knee length football socks, and finally, painful clover clamps and two vibrating eggs, one for my pussy and one for my ass. This is intolerably awful!! What an embarrassing outfit, but I agreed to wear whatever I was sent. So I insert the two eggs (HOW HUMILIATING!) and put on the agonising clover clamps before dressing in my full, stupid, football outfit, including the gloves. But they make me so clumsy! I'm supposed to be putting a condom onto the dildo before being stern, teasing and dominant for the camera, but the condom won't roll down because of my stupid clumsy hands! And talking dirty like a domme is impossible with the two vibrating eggs making me feel like I'm going to cum at any moment. Eventually I give up altogether and simply start humping the bed in frustration. My gloves make it impossible to touch my clit, and I'm terribly embarrassed to be seen like this, horny and clumsy and unprofessional in this awful outfit. But somehow, the embarrassment just makes it hotter and I can't stop having a loud, intense orgasm that I can't possibly hide from the camera. This is the most embarrassing job I ever took! And yet, I can't help fantasizing about the possibility of being asked to shoot more...
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embarrassment, imposed orgasms, joi, pillow humping, socks

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