Ariel Anderssen - Two Naughty Girls, Punished Together


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I've only been your governess for 10 days, and what do I find, coming into my study this evening, but *you* and a giggly female friend climbing in through a window! Clearly, you've been breaking curfew, and doing so in order to complete some ill-advised activity, no doubt! You know very well how I deal with infractions of this nature - corporal punishment! But perhaps your friend is as yet initiated. Which is no problem - I'll be happy to initiate her! Since she shared in the naughtiness, she can share your punishment! It's at this point that I discover that you've hidden my spanking implements, but neglected to hide the cane (which you hadn't noticed) or the antique carpet beater (which you hadn't realised was an implement). So what *could* have been a moderate punishment suddenly has to escalate to something a great deal more severe!
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caning, domestic discipline, school girl, spanking pov, tall women

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