Ariel Anderssen - Ultimate Cornertime Humiliation


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I've embarrassed my Master at a house party by getting over-excited and behaving in a rather forward way towards some of his guests. He does not like to see his slave-girl behaving like a harlot, and has a very public, slut-shaming punishment in store for me. Right in front of his party guests too! Already naked except for my pretty, embellished hold-up stockings, I crawl into shot. It's immediately obvious to everyone watching that I'm being punished - two glass dildos have been inserted into my pussy and ass, drawing everyone's attention to the very part of me I suddenly don't want *anyone* noticing at all. In fact, I begin to wish I was invisible altogether, when my Master instructs me into a humiliating series of kneeling poses, all of which have been designed to make my shame (and arousal) as obvious as possible to all. Facing the corner with my hands on my head, I'm acutely aware of the pressure of the two glass dildos deep inside me. It'd feel good if only it wasn't for the fact that everyone can see that I'm being punished. And in the final, most difficult position of all (balancing on knee-point with my legs apart) a horrible realisation dawns on me. Embarrassed as I am, I'm also becoming increasingly aroused. What if the heavy glass dildo filling my pussy slides out, as a result of all the extra lubrication?! I couldn't bear it! But clenching my pussy around the dildo in an attempt to keep it in place only arouses me further! The heavy, hard, glass dildos feel wonderful, buried inside me; this is the most confusing, arousing, humiliating night of my life! And what might my Master make me do next?
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domestic discipline, double penetration, garter & stockings, glass dildos, humiliation

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