Ariel Anderssen - Valentine's Deep Heat JOI Games 3


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Please note, the full length movie (Deep Heat JOI Games for Valentine's) is already available on my store. I'm also releasing it in three different episodes for people who're only interested in part of the story, or one of the three outfits I wear in the full video). It's Valentine's and I want to give you a treat - I know what your ultimate fantasy is, and we're going to make it happen! We're gonna play JOI games, with me in charge. I'm gonna put on different outfits and YOU? You are going to rub Deep Heat into your cock for each of our three games! Are you ready? Game 3 is about to begin! JOI Game 3 I'm back!! Wearing high heeled leather boots, sheer seamed stockings, suspender belt, black skater skirt and sheer white blouse, I'm feeling especially cruel. Poor you! Your cock must be really sore now, from all that Deep Heat and denial. Well, this time I'm going to give you the chance to cum. But first, you need to cover your cock in the very worst Deep Heat that you own. The one that scares you - it's so intense. Cover every inch of your cock and balls, and rub it well in. You can feel it starting to really burn can't you? The combination of being able to watch your cock, and watching your face as you deal with the pain, is really turning me on. I think I'll just have a lovely orgasm while you watch! How would that be? That's better; just seeing you like this is enough to make me cum. Now, I've made up some rules. When you're ready to cum, you need to throw the dice. And here the rules for what you have to do, depending which number you throw. Some of them are SUPER MEAN, aren't they!! And a couple of them could even be called a reward. What will you roll? And what will you have to do?? You know you want this though, don't you? Deep down? However much it hurts...
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bdsm, boot fetish, female domination, joi, orgasm control

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