Ariel Anderssen - Your Roman Mistress' Bare Feet


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I'm relaxing and thinking about my barbarian slave, Americo. How he amuses me, with his fascination over my high-arched, long toed, aristocratic feet. I shall have him brought to me, naked, and bound for my protection, and I shall enjoy teasing him with my knowledge of his lust for me! Ahhh, and here you are. What a gift! And how excited you look already! Wouldn't you love me to slip off my gold sandals and let you gaze upon my glorious high arches as your cock rises in excitement? Well, perhaps I shall. You'd love to spray your hot seed all over them wouldn't you? And then I'd make you eat it! What an honour that would be for you, feasting off my bare soles. Far too much of an honour for you in my opinion! I know you want to mount my feet, but perhaps I should bring you like this, naked and bound, to my next orgy. I could make you kneel and watch while men of my class breed my feet, and perhaps fuck my ass! Wouldn't it drive you just crazy to watch, longing that it was you touching my feet, fucking me, greedily roaming your hands over my glorious body? Switching into a position that I know makes you wild with lust, I flip over onto my front and bend my knees so that you can concentrate on my mouth and my feet. Because I want to tell you about what I could do with my mouth... I could give you sensations you never knew existed! I could take your hard cock in my warm, wet mouth, and make you cum down my throat from sucking you so hard! You'd love that wouldn't you? Would you choose to cum on my feet or in my mouth? You can choose, your mistress commands you to! very well, I shall count you down from 10, and you will spill your seed over my bare feet, and then I shall ensure you clean up every drop with your tongue. What a lucky slave you are!
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barefoot, cum countdown, cum eating instruction, older woman / younger man ., pov foot worship

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