Ashley Alban - Is My Ass Too Fat


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Ashley Alban

DISCLAIMER: By no means am I saying that I’m actually fat, or that I need to lose weight, or anything like that. This is a role-play video of a girlfriend who is getting a little thicc and is talking to her boyfriend about it. ALSO, no one needs actual validation from their partner to reassure them about their body. Again, this is just a video.] This video is some real sht, dare I say, too real. While setting up my camera I actually split my pants. Yep. Anyway……..….you’re Ash’s boyfriend and she’s pouting on the sofa sighing dramatically. You ask what is wrong, and she says everything. She knows that she’s gaining weight, but asks if you think it’s too much. She’s feeling gross. You try to reassure her, and she shows you that she split her jeans while getting ready earlier. You laugh about it, saying it’s not a big deal, and she goes off about riding the fine line between cute thick and too thick. You say that’s not possible and she could gain even more weight. She doesn’t believe you and stands up to show you her ass and belly rolls. You tell her she’s sexier than ever, and you prove it by pointing out how hard you’re getting. The rest of the video is some light JOI teasing, while Ash strips down, makes her ass clap, and then tells you to come give her sum fuck

Jeans Fetish, Booty Clapping, Gaining Weight, GFE, Ass Worship