AsianDreamX - Foot pay slave


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Custom vid THank you for sharing! you are my personal accountant. You have a pretty good relationship with me as you normally check my payments and things related to that. However, when checking my accounts you notice I've been sending a lot of my money to foot fetish related websites. You keep this a secret and make a plan to take all my money and turn me into your pay slave and foot slave. You come to my house and talk to me a little. Teasing me as you talk, slow at first but as time passes you talk more and more about feet and things like that and you notice I am getting turned on. After this you ask me if its ok for you to relax, taking off your shoes and showing off your bare soles, spreading your toes and wiggling them, clearly causing me to get really excited. You're getting turned on as well but not about me but about the fact that your plan is working and that you will soon have a ton of money. At this point you start to humiliate me and tease me quite a lot and start telling me that I'm allowed to touch myself while staring at your feet, but for every stroke that I do it will be 10$ and 100$ per minute. I don't seem to care and you decide to tease me well talking about all my money and how you'll take everything from me, a real ruination fantasy. Anyways, after some time you tell me if I give you 5000$ you will do something I'll really like which I do right away, you pour honey all over your feet, turning them into a sticky mess, and tell me its now 50$ per stroke and 300$ per minute, you encourage me to stroke hard and fast insulting me and doing what you like now laughing a lot because you know I am fucked. In the end you tell me I can cum but if I do, you get all my savings and need to give you 95% of any future financial gains I have and give you ownership over everything I have and pledge to become your slave. I agree which you laugh at a lot to and count down for me to cum. As I do you rub your honey and cum covered soles together and tell me to lick them clean as a sweet reward for ruining my life. The second part would be as follows It's been a few months since our deal went down and I am now your slave. I work long hours and come back home every day to you asking me to pay up while you tease and degrade me. You love to remind me about how I am now pretty much broke and own nothing. However you feel very cruel today and decide to really show me my place. You tell me that since I've been serving you so well these past few month you'll reward me with the same treat as you did all those months before. You'll allow me to jerk off to your soles however this time it wont be quite as nice for me and will be more for your own twisted pleasure. This time you degrade me as much as you want, teasing me insulting me whatever. However it does not stop there in order to humiliate me to the max, you get your feet very dirty, until your soles are almost black, your feet should be covered in dirt or mud or anything like that and you tell me...
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