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There have been two sessions between RJ and Dr. Sydney Lee. The first one was a live consultation. The second involved exploration and understanding. The one that's about to happen will make or break the relationship. If Dr. Lee doesn't sell RJ on her services then he may disappear and never explore his fetish again. Sydney takes all her clients' needs seriously but RJ is really growing on her. She doesn't need to break him because he willingly wants her to control him. Sydney decides it's time to see how much he trusts her. She will take total control of the session. RJ won't even have to speak. The session starts with RJ on Sydney's lap facing her. Sydney: "Well, looks like the 3rd of our 3 introductory sessions has arrived. I'm glad you made it through the 1st two sessions so you can see what I can REALLY do for you." RJ is smiling at her while still facing her on her lap and Sydney is loving the fact that he listens so well. In fact, she already has him free slowly stroking his cock with her hand. RJ is enamored with her as well. He is rubbing her breast down to her thighs with his warm, soft hands. He stops her from speaking briefly so he can plant a passionate kiss on her lips as if he's thanking her for what she's about to do. Sydney: "I guess you and I understand each other. Let's not waste anymore time. I promise that when I'm done you and I are going to have a new appreciation for each other." RJ gets up to turn around. Sydney moves to the edge of the chair and spreads her legs. She guides him on to her right knee and positions him toward the edge. She has his legs spread and wastes no time getting his cock in her hand. She pumps it slow as she enjoys RJ!
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