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This video is a great blackmail, impregnation fantasy, findom, mind fuck video in one! Thanks for accepting my invite Joe, I know I treated you horribly back in highschool. I was prom queen, high school cheerleader, overall sassy ass back then. Now, I know my place. I'm sorry for what I did to you. By the way, can you come closer? I wanna feel your presence. You've been staring at me Joe. That's ok, just look at me. Stare at me... Are my words of seduction working yet? I know you've always wanted me, you've always wanted to fuck me. Go on, you can touch yourself as I tease you with my body. You've grown into a successful and handsome man Joe. I will make you mine. And you will love me, won't you? A good "wife" never lets his man cum by jacking off. Making you cum is my job. Are you ready for me to ride you? After this, I'll be pregnant and you can never leave me! By the way, when are we throwing out your girlfriend's stuff? I'm excited to move-in!
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