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[This was a custom clip! Contact me to get your own!] You fucking slut! How dare you steal my boyriend?! Time to punish that slutty cunt.. Sydney is on the warpath. She's talking directly to the slut who managed to steal her boyfriend off her, and it's time for revenge! She starts by talking about just how digusting and worthless it is, but she's just getting started.. She launches into the very many ways she's going to destroy your slimy, boyfriend-stealing cunt. First, she brings out a candle. She's going to start by using the flame to burn your pussy to the ground. She describes how she's going to slowly burn it bit by bit until it's blackened and charred to pieces. Nobody is going to want to go near it! And even if they did nobody would ever be able to actually use it. Sydney is super sadistic and mean in her obvious enjoyment at your new predicament.. She orders you to rub your newly charred and destroyed cunt, try to masturbate.. hahaha not feeling anything? GOOD! She loves that she not only now prevented you from ever getting a cock near that burnt piece of flesh, but you'll never be able to even get off ever again! Keep on rubbing it bitch! Not feeling too good now huh? hahaha! All this torment has gotten her extra turned on, so she invites you now to watch her play with her cunt! It's so much prettier now than your ugly, burnt crispy vagina, nobody will EVER think about leaving her for yours ever again! She teases you with how good it feels to play with her clit, loving how yours is now just a burnt eraser! She's getting such a sadistic thrill out of this!.. Every part of your cunt has been destroyed and she really loves her work! Looks like you've learned your lesson now on why you shouldn't ever fuck with Sydney's boyfriends!
cunt busting, femdom pov, fire play, humiliation, tease & denial