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I love controlling your wallet with my feet, it's so easy and fun! Sydney knows your type, average everything with a mediocre job, who happens to be a submissive beta with an addiction to hot asian Goddesses like her. And not just any Goddess, the kind that will tease you and take your money and leave you dripping and desperate. But that's not all, she also knows you have a huge thing for her legs and feet! Not only are you a weak fin-sub beta boy, but you're a total foot freak too! But she loves using your pervy fetishes against you. It doesn't matter to her that you can't afford to spend on her, she wants it anyway! She gets such a thrill from ruining little beta boys, it makes it even sweeter for her knowing she's taking your rent money or food money. You're just going to have to get a second job because she knows you can't resist her, especially as she talks about taking it all while dangling her heels on her Goddess toes. So listen to Sydney describe how she's going to take it all from you, every last penny, knowing you can't stop her. She might just show up one day and demand your wallet, then all your credit cards, then all of your belongings! Her greed is NEVER satiated and you love giving everything to her. Just keep your hand on your cock and give her worship strokes as she drains your dignity and your wallet! Jerking off is free anyway right? Well, maybe not for foot freak beta boys!
financial domination, foot domination, foot humiliation, goddess worship, money fetish, sfw