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Enjoy this giantess clip that features Jasmine's curvy butt, her mouth and the back of her throat! Jasmine and Astro are talking about fetish business in their suite while you, a tiny human snack that got stuck on her butt cheek during their lunch, can only watch and listen. Fortunately you were not eaten, but too bad she sat on topof you so hard you're completely stuck in her butt flesh. They carry on talking about work and things in the fetish world, when suddenly Jasmine feels something on her butt cheek. Uh oh! She starts reaching down right toward you and picks you up, lifting you to her face to take a look at what was tickling her. Oh of course! It's one of those tiny men we had for lunch! She smiles at you knowing how good you taste, and teases by showing you a little preview of her tongue and mouth. But she places your back on her ass since she's not that hungry right now. You think you're safe as they carry on their conversaion, but soon Jasmine does feel hungry and grabs you! They both laugh at you and bid you farewell as she slowly lowers you into her sexy throat..
giantess, mouth fetish, sfw, throat fetish, unaware giantess, vore