AstroDomina - LOST AND FOUND


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Giantess Sydney is casually being watched by an unknown tiny adversary from underneath her couch. She comes back to her house from being out all day and started noticing a weird smell. She finally recognizes the smell and his lingering stench and gives away his exact location. She finds him and decides to put him on the table to confront him about his intentions and why he's been hiding from her the whole day. She's furious yet curious. Giantess Sydney, all evil and seductive, decides to crush the unknown trespasser with her ass and to make sure of his demise, she rocks her ass back and forth as if she's squishing a bug! Still not satisfied, she decides to lick up his remains (tiny humans are her favorite snack afterall) and eat up what was left of him.
asian, giantess, giants, unaware giantess, vore

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