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Get ready to serve as my tiny little slave in this interactive 360VR video! Make sure to watch with a 360VR compatible viewer such as V L C So you've come to Sydney for her shrinking services and she wants to be extra sure you know what you're getting into. You've agreed to be shrunk to only 3 inches - the perfect size for her to toy with! Of course, once she shrinks you, there's no going back! She hits you with the first round of shrinking, but you're still too tall.. no, you need to be smaller! She shrinks you again and you're now 3 inches. She is towering over you, but you say you want to go smaller still! Are you sure? 1.5 inches now? Okay here we go... ZAP!! You come to and you're now sitting in the giant palm of Syndey's hand, which is much bigger than you even imagined! She tells you there was an accident - she actually shrunk you many times smaller than you asked for! Looking around you finally get your bearings and it seems you're as small as a grain of sand! She tried to grow you back but it didn't work! Oh well, you shouldn't have gotten all excited and asked to be shrunk even further. Now you'll have to find a way to be of service to her at your miniscule size. Hrmm.. maybe a snack? Maybe she can eat you and get a tiny bit of nutrition. Or maybe she'll just plug you into her ass for the time being. Or maybe, she'll just smoosh you under her giant world-sized feet?.. Watch now to find out!
femdom pov, foot fetish, giantess, sfw, shrinking fetish, tongue fetish